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E ANART EDITION is set up to circulate, promote and market works of art in general and the canvas painting in particular.

Our collection contains a large number of works of art, painting and photograph, and it is constantly increasing.

Firmadas ante NotarioThanks to our wide experience in the world of art and our agreement with the painter Felix Beristain, we present his whole work exclusively, reproduced in limited edition, signed by the artist before a notary public.

Lanart Edition offers the chance of buying them in various formats, big – size from 116x116 to 116x90 cm., and small-size from 55x55 to 55x80 cm. .

The vizcaino painter, Felix Beristain, was born in 16th July in 1937 in Ondarroa.

Beristain is a classic, realist, magic, sober, sensual artist at the same time. His process is certainly slow and laborious, careful and treated with great care in the style of the great realists and the post impressionist painters.

There is a desire for perfection and permanence in this painter that makes him love and look for the well-done work.

The human figure, located in those countries and climates that he loves and where he lives and usually visits: The Basque Country, Portugal, Morocco, The Latin American Countries and Venice, has always attracted him since his first exhibition at the age of 17.

The most usual colours used by Beristain are reddish, grayish and brownish too. He prepares his canvas of linen himself, the artist is a great craftsman, who knows thoroughly the infrastructures he looks after and prepares them with care thinking they are the basic support of his cookery and his fantasy.

Felix Beristain has always cared about the treatment of human being, his figure and the ways of gaining his deepest structures: maternity, work, celebration and carnival, loneliness, drama and wait, ever through his nearest stages and moments to the informality.

One of the constant features more noticed in his whole creative process is the constant and decisive love for the world of material and textures. Therefore the artist insists on the same piece of canvas. Beristain has already been worried about the sensual and rich of the pastes an textures world since his first works. “I am worried about capturing the reality in a human and warm way by textures and coats on painting. That is why I let my painting gets dry and I comeback to work on it again”.

The last oil wall paintings on cement in relief built by Beristain point out in his production.

Vizcaino painter who succeeds in Spain and in a lot of capitals of Europe and America.