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Edorta Kortadi


he fact is that Beristain’s work and painting, placed in his own dynamic, is at some important and decisive point to get and decide on high level of quality and artistic opportunities. His work can rub shoulders with the best international and state artists and , of course, with those ones who are at the present scene of the realist and representative Basque artists in the second half of last century. Without any doubt, he is a strange case in the Basque art market, an apartheid, an island at the end of last century. Perhaps, because of this, although the contradictions that this kind of painting can involve, it goes on staying alive and fresh, going over to the multimedia and the large artistic market which only connects and gets on the quality of the image and the state-of-the-art technology. His painting is refined, warm, hard-worked, nearly mystic. This mystical painting is well-done and combed and it has the mystery of the everlasting painting.

Edorta Kortadi - Art teacher and critic