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he exemplary tandem of identity between the outstanding and unique creative painter and Lanart editions, whose basic aim is to spread his excellent qualities, has caught on like a project and it has become a recreational valuable method to show and make attainable the painter´s work to young world ´s knowledge and learning; and to spread beautiful and reliable reproductions, so people who are interested in owning the signed work by the artist, can afford it. Authenticated work with series of seven numbered copies on linen, certified by a notary and signed by the artist.

The publishing purposes, serious and reliable, genuine, are coming true.

It is not about an intervention but adaptation and spreading of the easel to the graphic work like artistic technique to contribute to the rich cultural heritage.

In this case, the responsible and reliable publishing is always at the public mediatic service in order to bring you and to be able to inform about the graphic work compositions which the master signed given finished each work.

The reproductions, due to their purification, are engaged to produce a strong aesthetic impact, they are able to give people the load of solved difficulties for a creative work which is well-done and so intense, to the extent of being well-known at its transparent loyalty.
Felix Beristain´s genuine painting and LANART edition’s technique of reproductions complement each other according to the parameters of a new technical invention. He has made with genuine painting the same as it is made with the transfer to the graphic work under the strict quality, rigour and movement, it is another way of making the graphic work in direct reproductions on canvas, without giving up either the colour or the main part of the work or the expressiveness of the figures or the variations of the image, as if the author recreates several pictures and versions at different sizes and identical compositions which are transferred from the original which they feel fully identified.

Beristain´s recipient combinations are the same recipient combinations of LANART editions. Following in Beristain´s footsteps, LANART stages the overture and the opening of the graphic work in the street, within most of people reach. The publishing house shoots the work out, look after it and spreads it, and it is designed to be a general section, and it is divided into sections of collection. The projection of this work is edited internationally to make the acquisition of Beristain´s conscientious paintings much more accessible. The wealth of shades and nuances of the great master like Felix Beristain is present in this thorough work of meticulous publishing process, so that it is possible to increase a private, municipal, institutional or public art gallery holdings, whose link of joining connects the original work and the original graphic work.

Mario Angel Marrodan - Member of the International Association Of Art Critic