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his is a great opportunity to discuss the international Basque Felix Beristain’ s plastic art and creative work. He is certain his important production has great strength and striking visual colours so he moves between shadows and lights of involved brush strokes, he also symbolizes a world of psychological energies of the figures on the matter, which captures expressive feelings that create an original and unique language and an aesthetic style that has painted structures depending on the most innermost attitude.

The Ondarres painter’ work is exemplary. He has gotten the time, in a slow maturity, working and laying the bases down of someone whose work is valuable, he creates images with surprising expressive composition as a way of expression well-laid, and emphasizes the magic of same canvas of old thematic obsessions that are opened to the parallel course of his artistic-vital revolution.

I am going to summarize Beristain’s repertoires, motives, matters and themes into five large monographic sections:

1.- Basque theme about the sea, the fishing Basque Country of “txos”, markets, nets, ships, shipyards, old bridge, fishermen, fishing guild (where the wall-painting of Ondarroa stands out), The Cantabric is painted with magic criterion and shown specifically in the whole marine alphabet which appeals to us under Monet’s tremendous blue air.

2.- The rural Basque Country, the beautiful scenery and customs of this territorial region as well as the countryman point of view which is spread to the rural houses, farm animals including farm implements.

3.- The author’s artistic speech personifies Portugal, he shows a great admire the country. He travels continually to the beaches and sandy areas or the strange scenes of dragging of ships with oxen. This is a communicative art.

4.- Morocco, as visited as well-documented; he gets on human beings and talks serenely among people who are so well characterized, and zocos and squares, jobs and buildings of cities, interiors and villages, old antique shops and kasbahs, tuaregs and berebere people from the desert which are focused with passionate fond of traveling knowledge from the preferential facet of the regarded artistic creations.

5.- The fantasies of Venice and Lanz carnival, this one with its ziripot, he takes advantage to show the contact with great contrasts of hectic days prior to carnival, harlequins and provocative masks.

Many possibilities of the artistic language are shown in every graphic work.

If “ Every graphic work has been born from the desire to communicate and every artist is a slave of it”, according to Maria Zambrano’s deep observation, Beristain tends to reflect reliably the emotional feeling of figure and realism that is visibly classic, that is to say, the magic realism of the new appearance: realistic nature figures are transformed. The appeal of his figures is undeniable. Beristain takes us to his characters’ world in their streets and houses, or he enters privacy of them with his incomparable refinement and incredible interpretative subtlety. Why are not we sure that Felix Beristain is a fascinating painter who has invented a new stile?.

Forms are born and forms are essential substance of interpretation. When he suggests feelings in the spectator, he makes it immersed in the expressive environment that, like an artist, he creates. The representation, as for the painting, is part of the vital communication and the subject is moved to a colourful composition and transformed figures world.

Beristain’s painting serves as thoughtful reflection and monastic exercise. That is how he keeps in touch with reality, he gets high levels of excellence as an homo artist who feels far away all painting resignation, very distant from the ease and from the academic empty rhetoric. He is disciplined in his training and he subjects his job as painter to an intense and careful process of obstinate work without concession, in an energy battle to get the strength from the plastic arts that is used to be the voluntary remains of the surplus, incidental, his conscious position is very moderate to get resounding motives of bodies or objects from the perspective of the formal search.

Beristain works with a way of doing that consists of basic and changing sketches, treatment in keeping with the colours, good taste as much for the strength as for the technical quality, and slow and mature preparation to the last version in a previous process before the last improvement.

Felix Beristain is one of those privileged people in whom the live finds its expression in painting. Beristain’s surprising graphic works are made very skillfully. The knowledge that is acquired about his work serves us to put him in the evolution of the experience and art of a present day, future and every time painter with undeniable perspective. He is an artist whose contributions are a precious legacy which is left so that people can participate in the creative production of this Basque graphic artist with international presence, called Felix Beristain.

Mario Angel Marrodán - Member of the International Association Of Art Critic